• Holding Local Governments Accountable

    Santa Clara County Citizens for Free Speech is a group of concerned citizens that has come together to monitor, and hold accountable, our local governments in Santa Clara County.

    Our mission is to be aware of what’s going on in our respective city governments and to hold them accountable for violations of our rights.

    These are our activities:
    •  We actively monitor and report civic and legislative actions of city governments in Santa Clara County.
    •  We scrutinize city calendars, meeting agendas, and notifications for future civic or legislative action by the individual city governments.
    •  We attend public meetings, e.g. City Council, Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, and report findings leading to violations of our rights.
    •  We document the organization and policies of each city government to gain a better understanding of their methodology.
    •  We monitor local newspapers, blogs, and web sites to gather information on the activities of our local governments and organizations that may influence the councils, city managers, and staff.

    If you’d like to join or contribute, please contact us at info@scccffs.org.